The offer and sale of products made on the website are governed by these General Conditions of Sale. For any other legal information please refer to the Privacy Policy and Right of Withdrawal sections on this page. The Customer is obliged, before submitting his purchase order, to read these General Conditions of Sale carefully.

The forwarding of the Purchase Order implies full knowledge and express acceptance both of these General Conditions of Sale and of what is indicated in the Order Form. The Customer is obliged, once the on-line purchase procedure has been completed, to print and keep these General Conditions of Sale and the relative Order Form, already viewed and accepted.



The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is the sale of products through the e-commerce service on the website . The main characteristics and prices of the products offered for sale (including any additional costs) are clearly indicated directly on the website.

The products sold on the website can be purchased and delivered exclusively in the countries indicated in the Order Form.

Any orders for shipments to be made outside of these countries may require additional costs and time that will be promptly communicated to the customer; if it is not possible to process the order or an economic agreement is not reached the customer will be refunded 100% of the amount paid.



The products are sold by

Farruggio Lucia , owner of the Tresora® trademark

vat IT05136810875

via Circonvallazione 96 – Palagonia (CT)


For any request and/or information you can:

Contact us by e-mail at the following mailbox:

These General Conditions of Sale are regulated by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 and s.m.i.) and by the rules on electronic commerce (Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 and s.m.i.) and apply exclusively to the sale through the site , where there are order forms through the virtual shopping cart and purchase through the various payment methods, as indicated in these General Conditions of Sale and in the other sections of the website.

In the event of changes to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale published on the website at the time the Customer sends the Order itself; for the purposes of transparency between the seller and the customer, an archive will be created with the history of any multiple General Terms and Conditions of Purchase with a minimum duration of 3 years before cancellation. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern the entire process that characterizes the purchase of products (reservation where applicable, order, purchase, shipping, return, repairs, customizations) on and do not govern, however, the provision of services or the sale of products by parties other than the owner of the site, which are present on through links, banners or other hypertext links.

Before placing orders and purchasing products and services from parties other than those offered directly by the platform , we suggest you check their conditions of sale, because the seller is not responsible for the provision of services by third parties. The products are sold to the customer identified by the data entered when filling in and sending the order form in electronic format with simultaneous acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale. The offers of products on the website are addressed to customers of legal age. If you are under 18 years of age to purchase on you must first have the consent of one of your parents or legal guardian. Remember: this always applies, not only to ours, but to all the websites you visit on the Internet: when surfing the Internet you see or are asked for information that you do not understand or are unclear, always ask your parents for help.

By placing an order through this e-commerce platform you guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts. The customer is prohibited from entering false and/or invented names in the online order process and in further communications, even if you wish to maintain privacy or send a surprise gift to someone else. On the website are available various methods of sale that allow, however, to send to parties other than the buyer the items purchased. The Seller reserves the right to legally pursue any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.

Furthermore, by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Sale, you release the Seller from any liability arising from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data provided by you at the time of placing the Order online, you as the customer being solely responsible for their correct insertion. Please check the appropriate form before sending the data, in order to avoid, among the various inconveniences resulting from such distractions or omissions, the sending of products to wrong addresses or subjects, as Farruggio Lucia will not compensate the customer in error despite the ethics of our e-commerce requires us to always seek a solution that does not harm and can satisfy both parties.

Furthermore, by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Sale, you exonerate the Seller from any responsibility deriving from errors or delays in the access to the Website by the customer when entering his data in the purchase procedure and from any inconvenience created by this situation. As well as from the slowness or impossibility of receiving the customer’s Order confirmation or from any anomaly that may occur due to problems with the Internet network, or due to any other unforeseeable event independent from Farruggio Lucia.

Furthermore, by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Sale, you release the Seller from any responsibility deriving from the failure to operate or from problems relating to the e-mail address provided by the customer for sending the Order confirmation.



The Products and Services with the relative prices that are displayed on the website constitute an offer to the public in accordance with the terms specified in the general conditions of sale and in the site itself. The conditions of this offer apply exclusively to purchases made on the website . The purchase and sale contracts stipulated on the website and concerning the Products and Services are concluded directly with Farruggio Lucia.

By Online Sale and Purchase Contract is meant the Distance Contract having as its object the purchase and sale of movable goods (hereinafter Products) stipulated between you, as Customer, and Farruggio Lucia, as Seller, within an e-commerce service organized by the Seller which, for this purpose, uses the distance communication technology called Internet. In order to conclude the Contract for one or more Products, you must fill in the Order form in electronic format (henceforth also Order) and send it to the Seller via the Internet following the relevant instructions.

The Order contains: a reference to these General Conditions of Sale (which you will accept before each purchase); information and images of each Product and the relative price; the means of payment you may use; the methods of delivery of the purchased Products, the shipping and delivery time and costs; the reference to the conditions for exercising your right of Withdrawal; the methods and time for returning the purchased Products.

Although Farruggio Lucia constantly adopts measures to ensure that the photographs shown on the Site are faithful reproductions of the original products (supplied directly by the producers or photographed personally by us), including the adoption of every possible technological solution to reduce inaccuracies to a minimum, some variations are always possible due to the technical characteristics and the resolution characteristics of the colours of the computer used by you.

Consequently, the Seller shall not be liable for any inadequacy of the graphic representations of products shown on the Site if due to the above technical reasons, since such representations are merely illustrative (unless they are completely different from those shown in the photograph).



By transmitting through the Order’s Website, unconditionally you accept and undertake to observe these General Conditions of Sale in your relations with the Seller. Once the Order has been sent, the Seller will take charge of it for its processing and will send you an Order Confirmation (hereinafter “Order Confirmation”) by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. Such Confirmation shall summarise the Products and Services selected, the relevant Prices (including Delivery Charges and further Charges relating to further Services requested by the Customer such as gift wrapping if requested), the delivery address, the Order Number (hereinafter “Order Number”), the General Conditions of Sale set forth therein and any particular Conditions applicable to the individual Order and determined following specific requests by the Customer.

Farruggio Lucia reminds the Customer to check with the utmost care and attention the correctness of the data contained in the Order Confirmation and to inform the Seller as soon as possible of any corrections, so that the Seller can, within the limits of its time and capacity, resort to the best possible remedy if the order has not already been entrusted to the Courier or to the person in charge of shipping the goods. The Order Number, generated by the system and communicated on must be used by the Customer in all communications with the Seller Farruggio Lucia.

It is possible that occasional unavailability of the Products offered may occur, in which case, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in whole or in part, available, will inform the Customer. Before sending the Order Confirmation, the Seller Farruggio Lucia reserves the right to ask you by e-mail or by telephone for further information regarding the Order sent by you through the Internet. The Seller may not process your purchase orders which do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or which are incomplete or incorrect or in case of unavailability of the products. In such cases, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone (by calling you or initiating a chat session via sms, whatsapp or similar) that the Contract is not concluded and that the Seller has not fulfilled your Order specifying the reasons.

In this case, the amount previously committed to the Customer’s means of payment will be released. If the Products, presented on the Website, are no longer available or on sale after the Order has been sent, the Seller shall inform you, promptly and in any case within thirty (30) working days from the day after you have sent your Order to the Seller, of the unavailability of the ordered Products. In this case, the amount previously committed to the Customer’s means of payment will be released. Each sale made by the Seller through the online sales service may concern one or more products, with no quantity limit for each item subject to availability from the stock in production.

Before concluding the Contract, you will be asked to confirm that you have read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale including the Privacy Policy. The Contract is concluded when the Seller, after receiving your Order Form and verifying the correctness of the data, has forwarded to the e-mail address you have indicated through the Website the confirmation of the preparation of the package and shipping of the product.

The Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered products to the Customer within and no later than 30 days from the date of conclusion of the Contract. The language available to conclude the Contract with the Seller is Italian and the applicable law is Italian. Farruggio Lucia reserves the right to refuse orders from a customer with whom a legal dispute concerning a previous Order is in progress. This applies equally to all cases in which Farruggio Lucia considers the customer unsuitable, including, by way of example, the case of previous breaches of the terms and conditions of the Contract for online purchase on the website or for any other legitimate reason, especially if the customer has been involved in fraudulent activities of any kind.



Unless otherwise specified in writing, all prices of the Products and the shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Website and in the Order are to be considered VAT included and expressed in Euro. The validity of the prices indicated is always and only that indicated on the Website at the time the Order is transmitted via the Internet. The prices of the Products, offers and shipping and delivery costs may vary over time.

If your items remain in your shopping cart for a long time and you send your order after your last visit to the Website, make sure that prices have not changed (as prices may be different, higher or lower, depending on the promotions and price lists at the time, chosen by us or imposed by suppliers) and then check the final sale price before placing the relevant Order. All Products are shipped directly from Italy, from Palagonia (CT).

The prices of the Products and the shipping and delivery costs indicated on the Website and in the Order, unless otherwise specified, are to be considered not inclusive of any additional costs related to inconvenient postcodes, special shipments, customs duties and related taxes, which cannot be calculated in advance, if the shipment takes place in countries outside the EU or in countries where the regulations in force provide for import charges. In this case, the existence of any additional costs indicated above will be clearly mentioned when placing and reviewing the Order. These costs are therefore to be borne by the Customer and must be paid directly at the time of delivery of the Products, according to the indications specified in the Order Confirmation.

In case of failure to collect the product, the seller will refund the cost of the product but not also the shipping costs, exit and entry costs related to customs duties and related taxes and the shipping costs for the return of the product to the seller. All the Prices of the Products indicated on the Site are inclusive of VAT. Any delivery costs (hereinafter referred to as “Delivery Costs”) and costs relating to the Additional Services provided by Farruggio Lucia, as indicated in the following articles of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, shall be borne by the Customer and adequately detailed in the Purchase Order.

The Products and Services are subject to the Price indicated on the website, at the time the Order is sent, except for offers or any subsequent price variations indicated on the Site itself.



The purchase order must be placed online through the order procedure on the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Order Procedure”), by clicking on the desired product which will be placed in the Shopping Cart. In order to fill in the Purchase Order, the Customer may, alternatively, follow the following procedures: If the Customer is already registered on the Site through the appropriate Section, simply enter his/her access credentials (username and password) by entering them in the “Access” Section.

If the Customer is not a user of the webite, it will be sufficient to enter the required data in the appropriate form, necessary to make the Purchase. Farruggio Lucia reminds that the Customer, before proceeding with the Purchase, may at any time become a user of the Site by registering online through the “Register” page (to become a registered customer of the Site). The Customer correctly completes the Order Procedure if the Site does not show any error message mostly related to the failure to enter some fundamental data (the system cannot detect errors with reference to the data entered by the Customer in the field dedicated to billing and shipping addresses).

In the “Order history and details” section you can check the status of your Order, which in most cases is no longer editable if it is in the “working” status, but to all intents and purposes it will not be absolutely editable if the status is “Shipped” and “Delivered”. If the Order has not yet been shipped, it is only possible (when the package has not yet been physically processed) to change the shipping address by contacting customer service via mobile number +393401132716, which can also be used for whatsapp chat or write to the email address

A telephone contact is recommended as it is the most timely means of communication. In case the delivery is not successful, the customer must contact Farruggio Lucia immediately.



For the payment of the price of the Products and the relative shipping and delivery costs you can follow one of the methods indicated in the Order form on the website and which are summarised below. The customer may make payment by credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and/or other similar cards, PayPal, by bank transfer.

Farruggio Lucia avails itself of the maximum security measures commercially available in the sector. In addition, the payment procedure takes place on a secure server that uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

For online orders on our Site we accept both credit card and prepaid card payments (for example, PostePay) without any additional charge on the cost of the product and shipping. It is understood that the Customer must be the holder of a valid credit card when ordering Products purchased online. In the event that the name on the credit card is not the same as the one indicated on the billing data, the order will still be placed, but Farruggio Lucia shall not be held liable if the Prepaid Card and/or Credit/Debit Card has been improperly used by the purchaser. In the absence of such conditions it will not be possible to proceed with the Order.

At the time of the online purchase, at the same time as the Order Confirmation, the bank of reference will only make the commitment of the amount relating to the Order from the present availability of your credit card. The amount will be debited immediately when the payment is sent via the online platform. At no point during the purchase procedure is Farruggio Lucia able to know your credit card information (e.g. credit card number or expiration date), transmitted via encrypted protocol protected connection directly to the Site of the party handling the electronic payment (bank or Paypal).

No Seller’s computer archive will store such data. In this regard, the user, under no circumstances, shall report data relating to his/her credit cards by telephone or email.


If you have a Paypal account, Farruggio Lucia gives you the possibility to make payments using directly the email and password with which you registered on

Bank transfer

You can pay for your Order quickly and securely using your home banking through the payment platform. The amount will be debited directly from your bank account and the shipment will take place after crediting our account. Payment of the Order must be made when it is sent to Farruggio Lucia with the possibility that it will be automatically cancelled by the Seller if the credit is not made within 7 (seven) days. You can find the payment receipt or invoice if subject to VAT, on the Site in the “Your Orders” section.



Each shipment contains: the products ordered with their original packaging, if any; any accompanying documentation required according to the country of shipment; any information and marketing material, including any discount vouchers or other leaflets; any gadgets.

The products, before being shipped, are subject to review by the Seller. This is done exclusively in order to guarantee the Customer and therefore the final consignee of the object in question that the goods arrived are free from defects such as scratches, dents and malfunctions in general. We therefore guarantee that all products sold by Farruggio Lucia are original and free from defects at the time of sale.

The delivery of the Products purchased through the Seller’s Website can be made in different ways.

Delivery to the Customer’s home:

The products purchased will be delivered by the courier identified by the Seller to the shipping address indicated by the Customer on the Order. Upon receipt of the goods at your home, we ask you to check the integrity of the packages at the time of delivery by the courier. In case of anomalies, you will have to have the courier detect and note down exactly the same and reject the delivery after having communicated to Farruggio Lucia, also by contacting us by phone +393401132716 or e-mail to In Italy we ship with different couriers according to the needs of the moment, within 72 hours with express delivery with signature on delivery.

For shipments abroad delivery times and shipping costs may vary, depending on the location where you want to receive your order. For any doubt about this please do not hesitate to contact us. When the Order is shipped to where it is expected by the courier, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking code of the shipment, i.e. the tracking code with a link to the courier’s website and the shipping status. This number, the tracking code, is used to monitor the progress of the shipment and the expected date of delivery (via the courier site that will be communicated to the customer).

Orders with available items, with payment made by credit card, PayPal are shipped within 48 hours. For all orders that include items in the booking, the date is indicated at the time of order confirmation.

Customs Charges
The payment of customs charges is the responsibility of the customer and their amount is calculated by the law in force in the country of destination of the shipment. We are not aware of the amount of the customs charges, which will be communicated to you by the courier once the shipment has reached its destination. If the charges are not paid and, for this reason, the shipment is refused or abandoned, the shipping costs and the customs charges themselves will be deducted from the total amount of the order and only the difference will be refunded.


Right of withdrawal

Pursuant to art. 52 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as amended by Legislative Decree no. 21/2014, the Customer may withdraw from the Conditions and therefore from the purchase contract for any reason, without giving reasons and without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of receipt of the products.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal referred to in article 5.1 above, the Customer must send a communication within the terms indicated, to the following email address

In the event of withdrawal, the Customer may return the products to Farruggio Lucia free of charge, through facilitated returns, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of withdrawal, following the instructions that we will provide by e-mail. . The goods must be returned intact, complete with all its parts and in their original packaging (envelopes and packaging), kept and possibly used for the time strictly necessary to establish and verify their nature, characteristics and size, according to normal diligence, without signs of wear or dirt, taking care not to leave traces of makeup and/or fragrances, in compliance with the conditions below:

the right of withdrawal may apply to the product purchased in its entirety; in fact, it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the purchased product (e.g.: accessories, complements, etc…);

for withdrawal to be possible, the product must be intact, clean and odourless and returned in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: labels, tags, tags, seals, etc. …);

in case of damage to the goods during transport, Farruggio Lucia will inform the Customer, to allow him to make a timely complaint against the courier chosen by him and obtain a refund; the product will then be made available to the Customer, at the same time cancelling the request for withdrawal;

Farruggio Lucia will not respond in any way for damage, theft, loss occurred during or in any case depending on the shipment for the return.

The right of withdrawal will not apply to products whose customization the customer has requested.

Farruggio Lucia will refund the Customer the entire amount already paid, net of any additional shipping costs pursuant to art. 56, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 21/14), within 14 (fourteen) days of withdrawal, using the same means of payment used by the Customer for the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed. In any case, the Customer shall not incur any cost as a consequence of said reimbursement.

Farruggio Lucia may suspend the refund until receipt of the returned product or until the Customer proves to have correctly returned the product, if previous.

In any case, the Customer will forfeit the right of withdrawal if Farruggio Lucia ascertains that:

the returned product shows obvious signs of use, dirt or odours;

the returned product and/or its accessories, and/or its packaging are not intact;

the product is missing its external packaging and/or the original internal packaging;

the product is missing elements integrating the product and/or accessories (e.g. fasteners, laces, buckles, etc.).

In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, Farruggio Lucia will return the purchased product to the sender, charging him the shipping costs and, if already refunded, the price of the product.


Methods of refund

If the right of Withdrawal is exercised by you in accordance with the above conditions, the Seller shall reimburse the sums paid by the customer within and no later than 30 days of your decision to exercise the right of Withdrawal but on condition that within the same period the product has been returned and checked by Farruggio Lucia’s staff.

The Seller will use the same means of payment used by you for the initial transaction, unless you explicitly ask the Seller to use a different means and the latter consents to it. If the Order was paid by PayPal, the refund will be made to the card or account used for the payment, while if the Order was paid by Credit Card, the refund will be made to the card used for the payment (it is not possible to use another card for the refund). If the Order has been paid by Bank Transfer, the refund will be made by Bank Transfer: Contact us by e-mail at to inform us of the IBAN to which the transfer should be made.

Returns are processed by the seller in approximately one working week. The refund time on the card or current accounts depends directly on the banks, which generally take about 2/3 working days to credit. In case of return all other expenses will be refunded by the Seller, with the exception of shipping costs which are to be borne by the buyer (and with the exception of additional costs resulting from your possible choice to use a different or more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery method offered by the Seller). For the return, the customer may choose to return it by its own courier (in this case, any loss or damage to the package and therefore to the object will be at the customer’s total responsibility) or by relying on our courier. In the latter case, Farruggio Lucia will contact the courier itself to request collection at the customer’s home. The cost, in this case, is 9€ and in all cases does not include packaging materials, which must be found directly by the customer.

The only case in which the customer will be entitled to a refund of the price, shipping and return costs is for the return of defective products or products delivered that do not correspond to the Order placed by the customer himself or in case of damage to the same due to transport or errors in shipping by the Seller himself, although, as mentioned above, the staff of Farruggio Lucia will always make sure to ship the products corresponding to the choice made through the website and that they are free from defects, scratches and malfunctions in general. In case of return of the products listed above, Farruggio Lucia will bear the transport costs for the return of the products.

The return can be requested within 14 days of receipt of the items. If possible, please close the item(s) to be returned in the same box used for our shipment. If this is not possible, we recommend for safety reasons that the return be well packed and protected. Should you choose our courier, he will already have the pre-printed label with our shipping details and the customer’s reference.



For any request and/or information you can contact the Tresora team by sending an email to, call +39 3401132716 or via whatsapp, sms or similar services.



The Customer acknowledges, accepts and gives its consent to the fact that all communications, notifications, attestations, information, reports and in any case any documentation on the operations carried out, referring to the purchase of the Products, will be sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration, with the possibility of downloading the information on a durable medium in the ways and within the limits provided by the Site.



The Client’s data are processed by Farruggio Lucia in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the protection of personal data, as specified in the information provided in the specific section “Information pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30/06/2003” .



These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and will be interpreted in accordance with it. Consequently, the interpretation, execution and termination of the General Conditions of Sale are subject exclusively to Italian law and any disputes inherent and/or consequent to the same shall be resolved exclusively by the Italian judicial authority, as further specified below.

In particular, if the Customer qualifies as a Consumer, any disputes shall be resolved by the court of the place of domicile or residence of the same according to the applicable law. Farruggio Lucia is always willing to seek an amicable solution to the disputes that have arisen, also through the direct contacts indicated, and hereby informs the Client that, in accordance with article 14 of the EU Regulation no. 524/2013 and the resolution on ODR as per the Statutory Instrument no. 500/2015 in force as of February 15, 2016, an online platform for the resolution of ODR disputes (“online dispute resolution”) arising from the purchase of goods online has been established by the European Commission and is accessible at the following link: Through the ODR platform, the Client may consult the list of ODR entities, find the link to each of them and initiate an online dispute resolution procedure.

More information on the platform is available at the following link:



The Site may use cookies to ensure normal navigation and the use of its functions and, with the Client’s consent, to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed during web browsing.



All elements of the website that are the subject or not of the registration of an intellectual property right (photos, product sheets, descriptions, layouts) are the exclusive property of Farruggio Lucia and cannot be used. All drawings, models, brands, texts, visual or sound, comments, works, illustrations, images, reproduced on the Site are protected by copyright, Tresora® trademark and image rights and by any other applicable intellectual property right.

They are the total property of the Tresora® trademark and of Farruggio Lucia as trademark owner. Any type of reproduction or representation which is the subject of counterfeiting may give rise to the civil and criminal liability of its author. Links referring to the Site and using “framing” or “in-line linking” techniques are formally prohibited.

In any case, any link or other content mentioned above, even if tacitly authorized, must be immediately withdrawn at the sole proprietorship Farruggio Lucia’s request, under penalty of the consequences of the law.



Whenever these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are modified, Farruggio Lucia will promptly publish the modified ones on the Site . The amended General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall become an integral part of the new Contracts, starting from the first Order placed by Customers, following their publication on the Site. In the case of Orders already placed prior to such communication, the previous version of the General Conditions of Sale shall apply, which can be consulted in the history of the General Conditions of Sale.



Should any present or future provision of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or the Contract be or become wholly or partly void and/or ineffective or should there be a gap in the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and/or the Contract, the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Contract shall in any case remain valid and effective. It is understood that Farruggio Lucia and the Customer shall undertake to negotiate in good faith the integration of the gap or the replacement of the null and/or ineffective clause with the aim of achieving the same results pursued by the invalid or ineffective clause and to safeguard the content, also economic, of the Contract.


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